Florie helped me unveil these little "bright" corners of myself that were hidden under the shadows ... I have learned to decode the game of emotions and projections.

I felt a real support in the development of my capacities of action, and received the keys and the tools which allow me to advance daily to evade the traps of the mind and my conditionings.

Today, I dare to express myself, to set my limits and to make the choices that put me in accord with my values ​​in the respect of myself, both professionally and personally.

I feel serene and confident to move towards my mission of life which is put in place in a positive momentum and I continue to learn every day experiences that come my way.

Thank you Florie for your guidance and your kind support during the sessions.

With all my friendship and sincere gratitude ?


40 years old, France

For the first time I joined in the family constellations guided by Flo.

I was completly drawn into the energy of the role that I was chosen to play. I have, now, experienced the healing power.

Family Constellation brings Light and Love to deep rooted conscious and unconscious pain that we may be carrying.

Thank you Flo for guiding me through this experience. You have shown me that everything is possible with a willingness and open heart. ?


57 years old, UK

Incredible space holder and supporter on these journeys❤

I have done energy work and constellation before but Flo opened my eyes how strong and incredible it really can get 😍

I feel so blessed to have met her, to have been able to open up and heal through her quidance and to be able to call her my friend and sister!



23 years old, Norway

When flo and I met there was an instant connection as if drawn to each other. Flo is an amazing guide with amazing tools and strong healing power.

Before I knew, I was transformed and lilfted, I felt an overwhelming sense of being lighter and reconnected with myself. My long long term burdens had now disappear. I felt rejunevated.

I would highly recommend Flo and consider myself very lucky to have meet her at the right place and the right time.


48 years old, France

I was working with Flow for several weeks and had the possibility to both receive healing myself and see her work with other people in the group.

It was amazing to see how she could hold space for people and always create an atmosphere of safety and profound healing.

 I could feel that she was not only using the tools and techniques, but was connecting to a deeper place of understanding, enabling her to open up inner processes and give strength and guidance in the individual process of healing.

 I believe that everyone who will have the opportunity to sit down with Flow will be deeply affected and grateful.


41 years old, Sweden

I attended a group family constellation session with Florie. I had no idea of what to expect and went into the session open minded.

Florie guides the sessions with a real passion and involvement.

The session for me was very powerful bringing to light deep unresolved family issues. I left the session exhausted and slept for much longer than usual on my return home but the next day felt a shift and some internal resolve.

I would not hesitate to recommend Florie and the constellation sessions she holds are professional and deeply powerful.

Thank you Florie, you are amazing!



I did have an individual family constellation session with Florie. It was really deep, real and true. I have felt a real healing for my mind and my soul. 

Florie is very sensitive and very empathetic. Despite her age, Florie is a wise soul. 

I recommend her with all my heart.



It was my first constellation (individual session) and I loved it!

First of all, Florie helped me to target the important points that I wanted to work on. Then the space for healing and awareness was well maintained to allow the inner process to grow...

Firm, clear and empathetic, she allowed me to be able to distinguish the realities of the heart with its real needs, from the hazy speeches of the mind.

Thank you !



Florie is just an exceptional person and a great therapist. I was lucky enough to be able to be constellated in July 2020.(individual session)

Despite my fears and my resistance, Florie was able to find the right words and to give me the confidence to do it.

She did an amazing work during our individual session and I thank her for all this healing energy she is giving to us. ?

Thank to Au fil du Flow !
Love, Peace and Light to everyone ❤️❤️❤️ ??



I was so blessed to meet Florie this summer 2020 & attend 2 group Family Constellation sessions with her.

Wow what power these sessions hold !!!

If you're feeling ready to take the next step with something in your life or want to understand a situation more, understand yourself better or reaffirm maybe what you already know deep down then I'd so recommend you work with Florie.

Her grace & connection are amazing. She creates a very special safe space to explore yourself.

In a group session you will get the chance to be part of supporting others, where also many lessons still come for yourself.

Thank you so much Florie 💕❤💕



Certain periods of life are conducive to a personal parenthesis (crisis, change ...) to make an introspection on oneself while being accompanied personally and individually in a pedagogy of action to find solutions.

Through her relationship of feeling, exchange, and trust, Florie led me to search within myself for the resources to initiate change toward personal fulfillment.

Times of exchanges allow to express in high voices the doubts, the questions, the advances.

The work with Florie is done in freedom, confidence and autonomy.


57 years old, France

A very nice meeting with Florie, who naturally cultivates joy and kindness.

She accompanied me in a transition period after two difficult years in my personal life and each session was a rich moment of lessons and emotions.

Emotions  that I learned to welcome and to live better thanks to the various exercises proposed. I laughed, I sometimes cried but I also took actions, big and small, which helped me to regain confidence in myself and to find myself.

I learned to be more of a friend to myself, to recognize my fears but also to defuse them to go in the direction that I wish to give to my life.

The way continues but the work done with Florie has started a new way for me and I thank her wholeheartedly.


36 years old, France

I was at a small gathering at a farm in Portugal with Flo and about 15 other people.

Un soir, de façon spontanée, Flo a su faire émerger un souvenir d’enfance refoulé et m’a permis de m’en libérer. Je me suis alors senti beaucoup plus léger et rempli de joie après cela. Cela a été une importante prise de conscience pour moi.

At the end of the gathering Flow held a family constellation that was very powerful and that gave me more understanding of myself, my situation and what I need to do to grow, progress and be more happy.

I'm blessed to have crossed paths with her.

Thank you Flo ❤ 


35 years old, Sweden

I met Flo in Shambala center in Portugal in 2019.

We spent some family evenings in a tippi, and that's where I realised her power to heal and empower, spontaneously. Her healing energy penetrates into space and lifts everyone, in silence.

Her Family constellations are so powerful that it left me in disbelief.

We were crying and laughing and it was just so strong in emotions and just - real. It helped me to resolve a Big situation in my life, and to gain back my power that I lost in a relationship.

Flo is an amasing loving and accepting person. Her heart warms you in seconds, she listens and she understands. She's a healer in everything she does. And everything around her just flows effortlessly.

Love you Flo!

Blessing to meet you, really! 


24 years old, Croatia

My name is Felisa Delgado and I would like to share my experience from the Alpujarra in sothern Spain, a place of community and passage; where my parents and I have grown up. A little less than a month ago even though here are so many beutiful people with very interesting therapies in this place, something led me to Florine's announcement about family constellation. I am inmersed in a process of change where I need to make and know some decisions.

I came to a magical place where a met a three great women. For me it was my second constellation in my life. The first one was about five years ago, but in this one with Florie, I really liked the way of approaching the whole process, of creating union and help and understanding betwen us, with myself and my characters and emotions.His approach to the game. She is a hard working person and she likes to get to the bottom so she can help and get the best out of you ( and worst!!! jejej)

She takes all the time necessary to help you peel your onion layers.

Meeting her has been for me, a change, a help on my way. It has helped me find more clarity and better order my choices and above all, to know more about myself.

They have written some words for me on some papers that I keep in my noticeboard in my kitchen where it remind me every day that something moved in me, something is changing in me. With her help, I was able to acept a part of me that I saw as a bad part. A side of the coin also in need of being love.

And the following days I have had many dreams. I was afraid to go and now I am very grateful that I dared. She is a great therapist.

Thank you universe for bringing beautiful souls closer to me at the exact moments.

Thank you Florie for you nice mission✨and thanks to Vanessa Brooks for sharing in her wonderful place and my little blonde 💓. They were all , a unique me.

All my love ☘️



It was my first constellation (group session) and I really loved it!

Florie does it so great, she is super experienced, empathetic and direct.

I was quite terrified to do it but I felt very liberated afterwards. I will do it again and keep in touch with Florie :-)!



Florie is a wonderful person, with many natural gifts.

Her ability to hold space is very nurturing, she is very experienced with constellation work and the nature of emotions.

I learnt alot about my patterns and transformation in the short time we had, a great experience and teacher ❤️🌞



Thank you Florie for who you are and for everything you are doing for the world.

I am very touched by what I have learned from you, by your skills, your feelings, the confidence I was able to put in you directly ...

Our meeting changed a part of me for the better. With you I have learned to understand some of my behaviors and now I feel like another woman.

I wish you success and prosperity because you deserve it. 



An...amazing life experience !

To those who are ready, sincerely, to go and face the unconscious patterns that we adopt without seeing, and to come out of them to really realize their life and to come back to the controls in order to feel why we are here … Strongly recommended!

You will necessarily come out with something good, believe me !!