Sessions of Family Constellations will be charged according to your monthly income.


It is possible to do it with a group or in individual and ONLINE or or IN PERSON according to the area where I am. So we can meet at your home, in a dedicated place (lodging...) or my favorite into the order to connect to Mother Earth.  



In the same way as for the therapeutic coaching, I want to make my work ACCESSIBLE FOR EVERYONE who really wants to change.



Allowing everyone to confront themselves to their different inside parts as well as the outside elements with compassion and trust.



Bring light into your darkness by guiding you to turn the mirror on yourself in order to take your personal power and your responsibilities back and thus by facing your life's difficulties.

We have the choice to become awakened and resilient human beings..


If you share this point of view... Keep reading…


I take the time necessary to carry out the energetic process and thus I respect your rhythm.

The average of a session in a group for one constellation is about 2h maximum.

but depending on your problem, the session can take double in INDIVIDUAL SESSION. So I cannot know in advance whether the session will take 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours! I therefore choose to charge the individual sessions after the session according to the time spent together.

It is depending on the person and the subject of the constellation. It is important to take the time to integrate the strength of this therapeutic tool both bodily and energetically.

Usually, one individual family constellation session is related to a specific issue but we will talk about it together and I will help you refine your request.

Please contact me for prices and organization of the Family Constellations in GROUPS.

As a nomad, I travel to meet you and so depending on possible mileage expenses and rates, for example, for renting a place, my rates may vary to suit each situation. It would be possible to assemble a group for only one morning, or a whole day or even a whole weekend!

Usually the average of prices are :

  • 65 euros / person for a whole day in a group for people whose monthly resources are less than 1000 euros per month
  • 85 euros / person for a whole day with a group for people whose monthly resources are between 1000 and 2000 euros per month
  • 105 euros / person for a whole day with a group for people whose monthly resources are more than 2000 euros per month


Therapeutic work is based on trust so I do not want any proof and money should not be an obstacle, I am open to talk about it if you have some financial difficulties.

As a nomad therapist I offer Online Session by Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger or Phone.

It would be, also possible, depending on where I am in Europe, to meet you at your home or a wellness center or, my favourite option, INTO THE WILD, that means we are going to plan a session in nature to connect with the elements and Pachamama!

The advantage of ONLINE: : The FLEXIBILITY

In fact, we all have a lot of responsibilities and allowing some time for ourselves is not always easy...Therefore, I can provide remote sessions, so you can plan your sessions with ease and flexibility.

From your home or during the lunch break and wherever you are in the world,you will just need a quiet space to fully enjoy this personal moment you give to yourself.