The next sessions will be based on your monthly income. 


It is possible to do it ONLINE or or IN PERSON according to the place where I am in Europe. We can meet at home, in a dedicated place (wellness center...) or the best, according to me, into the order to connect to Mother Earth. 



Make my work ACCESSIBLE FOR EVERYONE who really wants to change.



Step by step, you will,learn about yourself,about your unconscious patterns, your brakes and your shadows. I will guide you to transform your lifestyle habits that block you or limit you in order to grow your potential !!



I am going to help you to develop your capacity of resilience that will allow you to see Life as a gift...sometimes, it is true that the trials are arduous but I believe deeply in the capacity of human beings to transform these obstacles into force...!

We are free to awaken our consciousness and raise our vibration to celebrate Life!


If you share this point of view... Keep reading…


Therapeutic Coaching is a long-term support. I will, thus, be able to help you carry out a deep work of introspection using different tools.

You will be answer various questionnaires and thus understand the reasons and blockages that are causing your problem.

It is a team workI am here to guide and encourage you when your ego is showing up to make resistances...

I listen to you and I respect your own rhythm.

Therapeutic coaching sessions take 1h30,, they can be weekly as monthly...... I adapt to your schedule and depending on your progress, we decide together what is the best for you.

So, therapeutic coaching can be spread over several weeks or months.

The free first session take.1h in order to start to know each other.

Therapeutic work is based on trust so I do not want any proof and money should not be an obstacle, I am open to talk about it if you have some financial difficulties.

As a nomad therapist I offer Online Session by Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger or Phone.

It would be, also possible, depending on where I am, to meet you at your home or nearby and we could even plan a session in nature ... to connect with Mother Earth !

The benefit : FLEXIBILITY

In fact, we all have a lot of responsibilities and allowing some time for ourselves is not always easy...Therefore, I can provide remote sessions, so you can plan your sessions with ease and flexibility.

From your home or during the lunch break and wherever you are in the world,you will just need a quiet space to fully enjoy this personal moment you give to yourself.