I can still remember my old life, sitting at my desk in a Parisian office. I was a merchandiser, looking desperately for a way out from this well-oiled routine. On paper, everything was “perfect” and in all honesty I don’t regret a thing of my journey. But it hasn’t always been the case… I knew I would change.

At this time of my life, I was feeling trapped. I succeed to graduate in economics and marketing, I managed to get a permanent job and my life was great! As the years passed, I felt slowly some incoherence in my life. I could not find any purpose in my life. Something was wrong. I felt lost and unsatisfied.

So I decided to start a skill assessment and that was my first step in this therapy world! During this period, I have realised some reasons of my deep dissatisfaction in life. Therefore, I decided to quit my job, my flat and I bought a one way ticket to Asia.

During few years, I travelled around the world. I became a nomad. I did a training in permaculture. I reconnected with Mother Earth. I found my Higher Self, as Freud and Jung call it.

In the same time, I also started a therapy. I released my fears and my limiting beliefs.

Step by step, I found my reason to be. I want to help people on this way I followed to make them feeling better and connected to themself. It felt like a second nature. I also realised that my desire only was probably not sufficient.

Then, I decided to study to legitimise my approach. I graduated as a professional life coach. And I am now ready to work with people who would like to change

Because it is time to wake up! 

The world is changing, WE have the power to change ourselves but also to change the world. It is our responsibility to move on and grow.

In my opinion, one thing is really important to achieve this and it is to reconnect with our essence, with our soul ...

For this I also facilitate the Shamanic Family Constellation in order to work on oneself with the energy, the emotions and bodily reactions.

My mission is now to help people to follow a similar path and I am here to offer them the right tools. I am happy to receive and share experiences!!

Take a chance to do it with me and you would choose to live the life you dream...!