Why doing a therapeutic coaching ? To FIND your OWN BALANCE

Life changes constantly.

Thinking our lives are frozen is similar than thinking Mother Earth doesn’t spin by itself... So take the chance to keep pace with this new world. It’s a good reason to start a therapeutic coaching!

As years passed, we have turned away our emotions and fears... We don’t express ourselves in a good way, or sometimes not at all.

In those transition period, it is time to take care of yourself. Learn how to transform your life to live in harmony and step by step evolve to your Higher Self as Freud and Jung call it.

To do it, we should go with the Flow …

So ...

Let’s be free to live without any mask

Let’s be free to choose the way we want to live

Let’s welcome everything as a gift

Let’s give up our ego to live freely

Let’s trust our intuition

Let’s be guided by our Higher Self

Becoming aware that every step, even the worst of your life, is a way to grow and to change. Rebirth from the suffering is the definition of the resilience.
To make that possible, it is time to stop hiding your pains and put them on the surface to heal yourself !
I will respect your inner self because I understand that sometimes it is hard to get out of your comfort zone. I am here to help you to do it in a safe environment.

So feel free to get the opportunity to go with the Flow...