Therapeutic coaching and Shamanic Family Constellations enable to share special moments and experiences in every session.

This support is based on, integrity, confidentiality and respect for individual values.

There will be some time you will find difficult to express your true self, so I will be with you to create an atmosphere of confidence and trust.

Working on yourself takes time, which is why I support people by respecting their own rhythm and internal ecology. Learning to unlearn in order to relearn is also part of the support. Sometimes it is interesting to take a step back from certain situations, play them down and even laugh at yourself!

I love life and I love laughing! Humour is one of the best therapies in the world. I believe that, sometimes, it could be amazing to step back and laugh at oneself because we don’t need more drama. We need light!

Smile is the light from your heart! So let’s plant together some seeds of joy and love!

As Charlie Chaplin said « A day without laughter is a day wasted » that Jacques Prévert could reply « Smile even without reason, simply to set an example ! »