Have you heard about Systemic Family Constellation ? 

Would you like to explore a different way of learning about yourself, your behaviors, your blockages, your fears, your family environment, about your love relationship, friendships, professional difficulties...?

With the help of a GROUP that is benevolent and attentive OR in INDIVIDUAL SESSION, I invite you to highlight your unconscious.

I offer group and individual sessions ONLINE and IN PERSON depending on my travels in Europe, you can contact me for more information if you want to organize a constellation at your home, in a dedicated place or in nature.


So if you feel the call, come and dive into the heart of this therapeutic work that will allow you to understand and transform your unconscious patterns and blockages.

It is a process that combines ENERGY, the EMOTIONS and BODY REACTIONS.. It is used to help you lighting your different difficulties in your life.



  • FAMILY CONSTELLATION with a GROUP of people 


Within the family constellations in group, each person is a support for the constellated person.

We work together in a sacred space with trust and compassion for one another. I guide you in this process in order to help you free yourself from your mind and welcome your emotions.

Feel free to express whatever goes through you, it's time to reveal your vulnerability with confidence because we are all similar! Our stories are, of course, different but our fears come together so come with trust and allow yourself to let go!

It’s a way to put your ego aside and be true to yourself.

It is a therapeutic process that breaks resistance and make you free of your old patterns.


   How does a group family constellation work?


In a group constellation, all people are involved in the process directly or indirectly.

It is, indeed, an energetic process that allows everyone to be involved. So we have the constellated personthe participants who will play the roles related to the constellated person's story constellated person and sometimes if the story has fewer roles to play, some people will remain in the process as an observer.

Being constellated means that you will share with the group your problematic and the difficulties which are presented to you, you will tell us, thus, a slice of your personal history.

In order to make sure that it is always the right time for the person to be constellated, I ask, before each start of a new constellation, who wishes to be constellated for this round and among those who will have answered YES, we will do a randow draw to choose the next person to start for this round.

Thus the person chosen by the drawing lots will share with the group the reasons for his/her arrival. I will guide him or her in order to refine the request and thus establish what roles will be involved in the constellation. Then this same person will intuitively choose people from the group in order to distribute the roles.

THE ROLES vary depending on your story and your issue.

We can find there the members of the family parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins…. but also friends or any other people involved in your story.

Also, in order to help you on your journey, it will be possible to integrate archetypes, symbols or emotions as :

the sacred masculine, the sacred feminine, the shadow, the light, the energy of the heart, the elements like fire or water ... but also the image of the free woman, the peaceful warrior and also death, love, justice… anger, joy, sadness….

It is called systemic family constellation in order to encompass all systems that surround us and that allow Life!

- When all the roles have been assigned, the participants as well as the person whose turn it is to be constellated will begin to move in the sacred space in order to find the place where everyone feels the best.

- When each person stops, we can then observe the first picture of what happens unconsciously in the history of the constellated.

We will thus be able to observe the postures and positioning of each individual who revolves around the constellated. This will allow us to choose which direction the problem resolution begins. People will then begin to interact with each other and, step by step, communication will be established and we will be able to collect more and more elements in order to help the constellated person decipher his own story.

Communication is verbal and non-verbal, everyone is invited to feel what is happening in their body, to express their emotions in different ways… (laughing, crying, screaming…) the idea being to let go and release internal tension.

It is an intense process of reconnection to oneself for both the constellated and the participants. Indeed, as a participant, it is never a coincidence that you are called upon to play such or such a role, it will also resonate with you. This is the magic of constellations, everyone benefits from each other's constellation by mirror effect.


   Group Constellation for COMMUNITY SPACES

These are constellations that will help solve problems related to a group that works and / or lives together.

During my travels and my previous professional experiences in a company, I have observed many communication problems between people in a group that work and sometimes live together. These problems create enormous frustrations, arguments but more often than not, people control their emotions for fear of hurting, destroying the business or the community ... and they don't fully express themselves and as the quote goes ...:

« What you run from pursues you, what you face fades away ! »

And that's I want to offer you... to help you facing difficulties with your group, all TOGETHER.

So I suggest that each member of the community or company team comes together in order to progress together in this dynamic of group therapy.

Everything that is not said, anything that poses a problem will be put on the table in a secure, framed and benevolent context.

Through my life as a nomad and traveler, I have the chance to live and share magical, unique and extraordinary moments in communities around the world that are carriers of human values ​​and love with wonderful people.

That said, we know and I have seen through my personal and professional experiences that human relationships sometimes remain difficult to manage even in contexts where the primary values ​​are sharing, authenticity, love, peace ...

I believe, deeply, in community life and I know that alone we can a lot, with many we can infinitely. In our society today, community life is developing and in my opinion it is a movement full of hope for our humanity and our planet.

Let us live together in harmony, YES but for that, LET'S COMMUNICATE, BE TRUE and DARE to be !!!

If each member of the team is ready to play the game of authenticity and put a card on the table on what is blocking in the group, what is not said out of fear or shame ... then we can all evolve together , grow and change the world.

I am developing this technique of systemic family constellations because I realized how beneficial it could be for each individual in the group and for the group. In this case of a constellation, issues linked to the community will be highlighted and you will take the role of one of the members of the group or of the problem ... this also sometimes helps to better understand the behavior of the people in the group, because , for the time of a constellation, you change your skin ... and you channel the energy of this other member of your tribe ... it will then always be easier to understand what the other is experiencing and feeling when it is through your own body that you are going to experience it.


   ONLINE Constellations with a GROUP of people

They work the same way, except that we cannot physically interact directly. We are linked by video and energy does not have the notion of borders .... The lockdown situation allowed us to see that this therapeutic tool worked both remotely and face to face!

I guide you through the process to help clarify the sensations, emotions that go through the participants. I also guide them in order to make them interact with the constellated person in the same way as face-to-face.



  • Systemic Family Constellation in INDIVIDUAL (ONLINE and In Person)


The goal of the therapeutic process individually remains the same as for the group, with the only difference that it is only me who will play the different roles. In this case, the exchange takes place directly between the constellated person and me. 

I will thus be able to feel, one after the other, the different roles that will have been chosen to play after the statement of the person's story.

I take the time to let myself go through each role, to express how I feel bodily, emotionally and energetically.

Then, we communicate together with the constellated in order to establish a beneficial exchange between me which channels the energy attached to the chosen role and the constellated person. The idea is always to help the constellated to understand the unconscious patterns of the situation and to bring a new perspective in order to try to solve the problem as well as possible.

This one-to-one technique offers some people the opportunity to express themselves, let go or cry more easily. This allows for a more intimate setting which can be for some people or in some cases more reassuring than in front of a group.

This also offers the possibility of benefiting from this therapy in a more flexible way because I offer it ONLINE or IN PERSON depending on my travels in Europe. It is then easier to organize because it is not dependent on the meeting of an entire group.


When I am in an individual session, I make the choice to take all the time necessary for the dialogue between the constellated and the roles played therefore a constellation lasts on average 2 hours but it is also possible that it can last twice ... we are outside of time.

It is a personal choice not to predefine an exact time in an individual session, I put myself at the service of the person who wishes to receive this therapy.

So I make the choice to dedicate myself to the person and that can be a whole morning, afternoon, or evening.

Therefore the sessions are then billed by the hour and the price per hour is based on your monthly resources (you will find the price list in the family constellation price tab)


I remain at your disposal for further explanations and I look forward to knowing you and sharing with you this liberating and wonderful adventure.