My intention is to wake up what is asleep !

Let’s work on your limiting beliefs, your fears
and your dark side.
All of them control yourself
and you are not aware of it.

My mission will be to explore inside them
and put them back on the surface,
welcome them,
and then change them to get something better !

I will assist you in this process.
I will help you to feel slowly happier and released.
Take the chance to become this person
that you really want !
And there will not be any more fears or beliefs !
It is time to put them outside your system,
You deserve it !

Also, leave the judgements aside.
Feel free to live the life you want
and not the one the other people
have chosen for you.
It is your life, not their !
You don’t need to follow what they would like
in order to get their respect or their love !
It should not work this way !

To get to this point, you have to be prepared
to work on yourself by yourself.
I will guide you and help you.
I will share with you the appropriate tools.
I will be a part of your process.

But I insist on the fact
that you have to be motivated for it.
You should really want to change.
Because your “ego side” doesn’t want to change...
So be prepared to work.
Sometimes it will be hard to move forward,
especially when you have the same beliefs for many years!

I am also here to support you
when it will be too hard or too complicated
to face some issues.
I am here to listen to you.

Take your chance
and go out of your comfort zone.
Go into your adventure zone !!!
Trust me,
you will feel so much better after that
and relieved !

I usually focus on :

● your sabotage strategies ● your limiting beliefs ● your limiting fears ● your unconscious patterns

● your dark side ● your feelings ● the psychological triangle (victim/saviour/persecutor)

● your values ● your needs ● communication skills ● self-esteem

The fields I explore are the following :

● Self-development 

● Quality of life 

● Purpose of life

Maybe you have already changed your outer side many times.
But you may have realised
that those changes have lasted for a period.
Then the same problems came back perhaps in a different environment or with different people
but the core of the problems is similar...
That’s because you have not changed your inner side yet…!

The main goal of the therapeutic coaching is to make you self-sufficient to solve your own problems. I will provide you the tools to enable you to work deeply. Let’s change your inner side. You will realise it will change your outer side and not the opposite.

Life is a chance to feel alive and not a problem to solve!!!