Coaching someone means helping someone who really wants to change something in his personal, professional life or both.

The idea behind this word “coaching” is to support people in order to change them and guide them to take action.


It’s possible as long as actions are planned and carried out! It is important to understand you will never fail because you always learn something new. Failure doesn’t exist. It’s all about learning! What you should understand is the consequences of your actions, what you learn from that point. Build positive and meaningful knowledges.


As Nelson Mandela said :

I never lose.

Soit je gagne, soit j?apprends. 

Actions are as much psychological as tangible. For example, working on your own introspection or setting some expectations with your work colleagues are both actions for a change. It exists an infinity of actions to start the transformation and as many actions than people.

Be aware that having a coaching experience is suitable when you are ready to shake up your old habits and your usual way of thinking. It is a deep transformation for anyone who really would like to feel better and has a strong motivation for it!

The THERAPEUTIC aspect focuses on the analysis of your beliefs, your fears, your dark and unconscious side. We all have some patterns that we could change to feel better.

Step by step, the coaching teaches people to do a full introspection by themselves. You will learn the tools necessary to modify your behaviours and become completely self-sufficient. It is a tool box which will be useful for all your life.

Therefore, I mix COACHING and THERAPY in order to reach your deepest inner self. The purpose is to reconnect with your emotional and body intelligence.

The goal is to begin with an INTROSPECTIVE EXPLORATION of your painful past. It will increase your awareness of your present moment. Then we will find the solutions to modify the future. The idea is to transform your old patterns in new patterns that you will chose for yourself. You will feel reconnected with your own personality and not the one that people have chosen for you!

So the idea is to MOVE FORWARD and not stay still !

World changes so fast. My job is to support people, set them up slowly for changes and help them to get a healthier life, more aligned with what they really are!