Have you heard about FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS ? 

Do you want to explore a new way of healing yourself in a safe group-environment?

Do you want to make a powerful experience to bring your unconscious to consciousness!?

So, let’s jump in a Sacred Space to transform deeply yourself and understand your patterns and blockages

It is an Energetic Releasing Process that could be used for all situations you can have in your life.

That could be about your family, relationships, friendship, your job or only focus on yourself.

So constellation has a power to impact and heal everyone in the group, that’s why it’s so powerful, everyone help each other with trust and compassion.

It is a way to put your ego off and be true with yourself.

It is a mechanism to break resistances and get free of old patterns.

How does it work?


It is a group process where all people are involved either as participants or observator.

One person is going to be chosen randomly to be “constellated” and then this person is going to express what he/she wants to speak about in order to be understood, released and transformed via the constellation process.

So, “Being Constellated” means that you are going to be the center of the constellation and the group is going to “play” a role related to your story. 

You will choose intuitively people to take the roles of the family members (parents, sisters, kids…your all family in general could be represented by people) but also friends and any people involved in your life. 

We could also bring archetypes and feelings to help the resolution of the problem that has been expressed by the “constellated one”.

And then, when the participants have been chosen by the “constellated one”, the participants and the « contellated one » start to move in the Sacred Space to find the place where they feel the most comfortable and then, when everyone is stable in a space, we stop and observe the situation at this moment of time. 

What is going on, at this time of your life, with your family, your friends or in your relationship, in your job ? (that will depend what the constellation is about)

Then step by step, the “constellated one” will start the process of interactions with the different people playing roles and communicate with.

The communication is verbal and also non verbal, everyone is going to really feel what is going on in the body and what kind of feelings pop up.

It is a really intense process of reconnection with yourself as the “constellated one” and also as a participant because you will never be chosen by coincidence, all time it is to show you something inside yourself.



Sometimes we can focus on your emotions.

That means we are going to center on what is going on inside of you and “divide” yourself between these different feelings and get the opportunity to face them and leave them speaking up through the participants ! 

You will get the chance to communicate clearly with your anger, your sadness, your joy and everything that is ready to show up!


Community Constellations is also a powerful technique that could be used in community space where people are living together and try to find a way out of their struggles and fears.

It is an intense experience for the whole group, it will bring clarity, understanding and transparency !! Be ready to be seen !!!

It is a deep process of healing yourself by yourself.

I am here to create a safe and sacred space to make that possible and then guide you in this journey. I am supporting you but you are the main actor of the constellation, you are going to really work on yourself deeply, with TRUTH, LOVE and TRUST.


Family constellations have been crossing my path and changing my life, I am so thankful for this powerful tool.

Working with this process make me really blessed.

I am feeling grateful to be able to share this tool with other people and help them to understand what is happening unconsciously in their own life.